Irish whiskey has a distinct difference to our neighbouring Scottish spirit. Our whiskey is distilled three times giving it a more smooth taste with mellowed malt and barley honey sweetness. The pot stills give it a distinctive spiciness. If you haven’t tried whiskey, it’s time you started and the Irish version is where to begin. If you want to know more about Irish whiskey history John’s knowledge will impress you. The traditional drink may be the stout but a chaser was always kept by the side of the pint and was washed down at the end of the night.

Largest Whiskey Collection

With one of the largest whiskey collections in Ireland, The Temple Bar prides itself on its service and knowledge of the wee dram. Stocked to the brim with a vast array of whiskeys from around the world, The Temple Bar has a whiskey for every palate and rare whiskeys waiting to be discovered by you.

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Our Whiskey

The Temple Bar Irish Whiskey Collection is a throwback in time to an era when all Irish pubs blended, bottled and labelled their own whiskeys. Back in those times, publicans bought whiskey by the cask from different distilleries and blended the distinctive qualities of one distillation with another

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