Famous Days Make Great Days

Here at The Temple Bar we have had some great days where we have had some of the world’s most famous bands and artists preform live on our stage. Guitarist Dave Browne broke the Guinness World Record for the Longest Marathon Playing Guitar back in June 2011 when he played for 114 hours consecutively.

Irish legends from The Dubliners to The Fureys have entertained us with their iconic songs and ballads over the years and continue to be as popular today as they were when they formed many years ago. Paulo Nutini, Aloe Black and Biffy Clyro along with many more acts are just some of the other amazing artists that we have been lucky enough to have perform on our stage.

So from New Years Eve to St. Patrick’s Day, Temple Bar Trad Fest to Arthur’s Day, every day here at the Temple Bar Pub is a great day. Checkout our photos the see all the fun.