Ireland's Largest Whiskey Collection

The Temple Bar Whiskey collection is a long established selection of rare and interesting whiskeys gathered for decades from all over the world. Of course it all started when we use to bottle and label each individual whiskey form the barrel into their own unique bottles. While this practice is now handled by the distilleries, the business of producing, maintaining and providing customers with Irelands Largest Whiskey Collection is definitely in the hands of the Temple Bar.

Drop in and see the selection that we have. With more than 410 bottles of Irish, Scotch and Bourbons from around the world, we cant fit them all on our whiskey menu. It is a sight to see and if you can't find what you want, just ask Roberto our Whiskey Champion. You might just be surprised.

Irish whiskey has a distinct difference to our neighboring Scottish spirit. Our whiskey is distilled three times giving it a more smooth taste with mellowed malt and barley honey sweetness. The pot stills give it a distinctive spiciness. If you haven't tried whiskey, it's time you started and the Irish version is where to begin. If you want to know more about Irish whiskey history John's knowledge will impress you. The traditional drink may be the stout but a chaser was always kept by the side of the pint and was washed down at the end of the night.

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Irish Whiskey Trail
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“A unique trail through the magic of whiskey & whiskey distilling in Ireland ” Visit our friends at Ireland Whiskey Trail for your personal guide to everything that is best about whiskey in Ireland. This Whiskey Trail will not only help you discover the distilleries of Ireland - past and present - but also the finest Irish pubs, restaurants, hotels, whiskey shops and golf courses, where you can enjoy the very best in Irish whiskey and hospitality.

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