Traditional Irish Music Pub of the Year
2002 - 2012. Free Music Sessions Daily

The Temple Bar prides themselves on the fine Live Traditional Music Sessions on each day. Boasting Traditional Irish Music Pub of the Year from 2002 to 2012 we pride ourselves on our music and bands. Our bands are different each day, and bring together a fine sample of talented musicians from around the country. Each session can carry on for up to three hours, from the favorite ballads to instrumental sessions. Instruments used range from the fiddle, accordion, bodhran, mandolin, banjo. Guitar, tin whistle to the uilleann pipes… All are found in our diverse range of bands.

Live Irish Music Times

The musicians are passionate about their music and beware it is contagious, you yourself before long will find yourself tapping your foot or the hands will begin the join in with the beat of the music. Some can't resist jumping up and doing an Irish jig. We welcome you to join in or sit back and sit back, sip your drink and enjoy the banter with the band. No need to tip, all the bands are free and like to be encouraged with a roar for another ballad. Check the times below or ask the staff what time the sessions start. To grab the best seats drop in early they can fill up fast.

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